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Megan’s Law Update, Improving Sandy Relief Funding Oversight, Combating Cyber Harassment & Crime Witness Protections Top Monday Assembly Session

Social Media Instruction for Students, Easing Household Mold Removal, Creating a Statewide Trauma Care System, Exempting Breast Cancer Surgery Make Up from Sales Tax & Consumer Protections Also on Tap

(TRENTON) – Modernizing Megan’s Law, improving Sandy recovery fund oversight, creating the crime of cyber harassment and improving protections for crime witnesses top Monday’s Assembly voting session.
Easing mold removal, social media instruction for students, creating a statewide trauma care system, exempting makeup related to breast cancer surgery from the sales tax and various consumer protections are also on tap.
The session is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. and will be streamed live at:
Highlights include:

A-4591 Oliver, Sheila Y. Requires oversight reporting on Hurricane Sandy recovery funds.

A-3386 DeAngelo, Wayne
/Benson, Daniel R.
Revises certain provisions of Megan’s Law and imposes monthly penalty on sex offenders to fund their monitoring and supervision by the parole board.

A-3785 Quijano, Annette
/Mainor, Charles
/Eustace, Timothy J. Creates crime of cyber-harassment.
A-1588 Benson, Daniel R.
/Riley, Celeste M.
/Ramos, Ruben J. Requires DCA to establish procedures for inspection and abatement of mold hazards in residential buildings and school facilities, certification programs for mold inspectors and mold hazard abatement workers.
A-1898 Albano, Nelson T.
/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie
/Andrzejczak, Bob
/Sumter, Shavonda E.
/Riley, Celeste M. Extends burial of indigent veterans to those who did not serve in time of war; clarifies role of DMVA in identifying deceased veterans; provides additional funding, subject to availability, for burial of indigent veterans.
A-3177 Wisniewski, John S.
/Singleton, Troy
/Stender, Linda
/Caride, Marlene Establishes State Transportation Infrastructure Bank within New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust.
A-3251 Ramos, Ruben J.
/Conaway, Herb
/Jimenez, Angelica M. Permits pharmacists to administer influenza vaccinations to children seven years of age or older.
A-3292 Fuentes, Angel
/Diegnan, Patrick J.
/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie
/Conaway, Herb Requires school districts to provide instruction on responsible use of social media for middle school students as part of the Core Curriculum Content Standards in Technology.
A-3422 Benson, Daniel R.
/Caride, Marlene
/Fuentes, Angel
/Gusciora, Reed Prohibits certain energy suppliers from making false and misleading claims to potential customers; prohibits suppliers’ calls to customers where no business relationship exists.
A-3619 Cryan, Joseph Requires cable television, telecommunications, and public utility service providers request alternate modes of communication from customers; requires that providers contact customers in event of service interruptions and emergencies.
A-3692 Burzichelli, John J.
/Eustace, Timothy J.
/Albano, Nelson T.
/Barnes, Peter J.
/Quijano, Annette Expands notification when an offender is released from custody or transferred within the criminal justice system.

A-3804 Wimberly, Benjie E.
/Mainor, Charles
/Johnson, Gordon M. Authorizes creation of special Omega Psi Phi license plate.
A-4072 Sumter, Shavonda E.
/Tucker, Cleopatra G.
/Andrzejczak, Bob Establishes pilot program in DOE to recruit, select, and train veterans for school security positions in school districts.
A-4500 Cryan, Joseph Provides for development and implementation of State trauma system.

4507 Coughlin, Craig J.
/Lampitt, Pamela R. Provides loan redemption for certain physician specialists who work in State four years.

A-3216 Cryan, Joseph
/Quijano, Annette
/Ramos, Ruben J.
/Coughlin, Craig J. Requires institutions of higher education to provide to prospective students certain cost, loan, and debt information in financial aid shopping sheet.
A-4526 Lampitt, Pamela R. Exempts from sales tax cosmetic makeup services provided in conjunction with reconstructive breast surgery; designated as “Jen’s Law.”