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Assembly Panel Approves Burzichelli, Mukherji Bill to Make First Major Changes to State's Liquor License Laws since Prohibition Era, Bill Expands Access & Spurs Economic Growth

Measure Creates Two New, Less Costly Licenses; Allows Municipalities to Create Ordinances

(TRENTON) - Municipalities would be able to expand access to liquor licenses and help local business meet today's marketplace needs with a bill proposed by Assembly members John Burzichelli and Raj Mukherji creating two new liquor licenses for small businesses. It was approved Monday by the Assembly Appropriations panel, 7-3-1.

"Liquor licenses in our state are among the most expensive and restrictive in the nation," said Burzichelli (D-Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem). "New Jersey's lack of differentiation in how and to whom we provide a liquor license is hurting us. The current system is holding back small businesses or "mom and pop" restaurants who can't afford to pay up to $1 million for a liquor license. The ability to serve their customers a glass of wine with dinner would make a noticeable difference in their profits."

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Assembly Panel Considers Holley, Wimberly, Benson & Mukherji Bill to Help End Lead Paint Threat by Requiring Inspections During Home Sales & Rental Turnovers

Opening a dialogue with a goal of helping to end the lead paint threat in New Jersey homes, the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee discussed legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Jamel Holley, Benjie Wimberly, Dan Benson and Raj Mukherji that would require lead paint inspections prior to home purchases and tenant turnover on Monday.

“This is one of the most crucial steps we can take to decisively put an end to the pervasive threat of lead in our home environments,” said Holley (D-Union). “By mandating inspections on all home sales or rental turnovers, we can systematically remove this threat once and for all.”

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Lopez, Mukherji & McKnight Bill Amends Law to Upgrade Crimes Against an Armed Security Officer Clears Committee

Legislation Expands the “Detective Melvin Vincent Santiago’s Law”

(TRENTON) – Amending the law named after a Jersey City detective tragically killed in 2014, legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Yvonne Lopez, Raj Mukherji and Angela McKnight increasing the penalties for the crimes of assaulting or disarming an armed security officer advanced in the Assembly Judiciary Committee Thursday.

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Mukherji & Chiaravalloti Bill to Criminalize Sexual Contact between Teachers & Students under 20 Years Old Advances in Assembly

(TRENTON) - Expanding law to protect older students in cases of sexual assault, legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Raj Mukherji and Nicholas Chiaravalloti to criminalize sexual contact between teachers and students who are under 20 years old was approved by an Assembly panel on Thursday.

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Mukherji and McKnight Bill Ensuring Emergency Assistance for Residents Experiencing Severe Hardship Clears Assembly Panel

In an effort to assist New Jersey residents experiencing severe hardship, Assembly Members Raj Mukherji and Angela McKnight has sponsored legislation ensuring that these individuals receive crucial state assistance to help meet basic needs. The bill cleared the Assembly Human Services Committee Thursday.

“Our state’s Emergency Assistance program serves as a critical lifeline in situations where residents may have lost their home or possessions due to a catastrophe or are unemployed and on the verge of being forced out onto the street,” said Mukherji (D-Hudson). “This bill would ensure that someone experiencing extreme hardship or facing homelessness a second time isn’t disqualified from receiving the helping hand they need to get back on their feet, while safeguarding the system from abuse.”

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