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(TRENTON) – Legislation Assemblyman Matthew W. Milam sponsored to create a State Beach Task Force was approved 66-14 Monday by the Assembly.

“Our beaches are the lifeblood of coastal communities up and down the state,” said Milam. “With their significance to our economy and our environment, we should not have to guess at the overall health of our beaches.”

Milam’s bill (A-2306) would establish a “State Beach Task Force” to investigate the current status of New Jersey’s beaches. The task force would consist of 13 members drawn from government, academia, environmental groups and coastal residents.

The task force would study beach erosion and replenishment issues, the impact of beaches on state and local economies, the availability of shore protection and preservation technologies and funding. It also would investigate the steps other states and countries are taking to address beach erosion issues.

Within a year of its formation, the task force would be required to issue a report to the governor and the Legislature on its findings.

“Being able to clearly understand what our beaches do for our state will enable us to better protect them and preserve them, while getting the maximum benefit for residents and tourists,” said Milam.

The bill now goes to the Senate.

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