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Moen & Mukherji Resolution Expressing Support for Commissioning of SSN-796, U.S.S. New Jersey Clears Assembly Panel

(TRENTON) – On May 24, 2015, Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, announced that the SSN-796 would bear the name the U.S.S. New Jersey.  The SSN-796, a Virginia-class nuclear-powered cruise missile fast-attack submarine will be the third United States Navy ship to bear the name the U.S.S. New Jersey.

To express support for the commissioning of the SSN-796, U.S.S. New Jersey, in New Jersey, Assembly Democrats Bill Moen (D-Camden, Gloucester) and Raj Mukherji (D-Hudson) sponsor the joint resolution (AJR-57).  The joint resolution was approved by the Assembly Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee on Monday.

In pursuit of the best location for the warship, the U.S.S. New Jersey Commissioning Committee recommends the Camden waterfront in view of the Battleship New Jersey as a proper and fitting location to host the commissioning ceremony and related activities.

Upon committee approval of the resolution, Assemblymen Moen and Mukherji issued the following joint statement:

“A ship’s commissioning is a momentous event that brings together our military, veterans, and local community.  We should celebrate and commemorate the state’s namesake in naval history.  This resolution will not only allow us to honor this celebrated warship, but it will also give residents the opportunity to visit the ship and appreciate a part of our country’s military history.”