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MONDAY – Fining Colleges that Fail to Respond to Sexual Assault Allegations, Military Dependent Scholarship Act, E-Insurance for Drivers, Gold Alert System & Online Security Breach Notice Top Assembly Session

Truth in Caller ID, Combating Animal Cruelty, Easing Generators for Gas Stations & Health Care Facilities, Improved School Bus Driver Training & Youth Cardiac Exams Also on Tap

(TRENTON) – Bills to authorize the Attorney General to fine an institution of higher education that fails to appropriately respond to a student’s allegation of sexual assault by another student, create the Military Dependents Scholarship Fund Act, allow drivers to use electronic proof of insurance, establish a Gold Alert system for missing persons with developmental disabilities and require consumer notice of online security breaches top Monday’s Assembly voting session.
Bills to prohibit caller identification manipulation, combat animal cruelty, make it easier for gas stations and health care facilities to install generators, improve school bus driver training on interacting with students with special needs and require annual physical examination of child 19 years of age or younger include questions related to cardiac health are also to be considered.
The session is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. and will be streamed live at:
· A2118 (Gusciora) – Authorizes Attorney General to impose a fine against an institution of higher education that fails to appropriately respond to a student’s allegation of sexual assault by another student.
· A2849 (Mazzeo/Eustace/Johnson/Wilson) – “Military Dependents Scholarship Fund Act”; provides college scholarships to the spouses and children of those killed, missing in action or disabled in Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, or Operation New Dawn.
· A3905 (Coughlin) – Authorizes operators of motor vehicles to display electronic proof of insurance.
· A3146 (Singleton/Caputo/Jasey/Lagana/Quijano) – Requires disclosure of breach of security of online account.
· A-2709 (Lampitt/Vainieri Huttle) – Establishes “Gold Alert System” for missing persons with developmental disabilities.
· A-3002 (Garcia/Caputo/Eustace) – Enacts “Truth in Caller Identification Act”; prohibits manipulation of certain telephone caller identification information.
· A201 (Gusciora/Benson/Wilson) – Requires court to issue animal protective orders against persons found guilty of abusing animals; A991 (Andrzejczak/Benson) – Establishes mandatory minimum term of imprisonment for harming or threatening to harm animal owned or used by a law enforcement agency or a search and rescue dog; A1023 (Benson/Lampitt) – Authorizes placement of involved animal with animal welfare agency or similar entity pending adjudication of alleged animal cruelty violation when not adjudicated in seven days; A2961 (Andrzejczak) – Establishes penalty for failure to include bittering agent in antifreeze; and A3381 (Gusciora) – Expands acts of animal cruelty to include theft or release of animal during burglary.
· A1338 (Quijano/Cryan/Caputo) – Establishes pilot program within Office of Emergency Management to provide zero-interest loans to certain gas stations that install appropriate wiring for generators; and A1341 (Quijano/Sumter) – Requires that certain health care facilities be generator ready; allows health care facilities to qualify for NJEDA loans for cost of generators.
· A1029 (Benson/Vainieri Huttle/Jasey/Tucker/Wimberly) – Requires training program for school bus drivers and aides on interacting with students with special needs.
· A1473 (Diegnan) – Requires annual physical examination of child 19 years of age or younger include certain questions related to cardiac health.
· A3632 (Tucker) – Requires Commissioner of Health to review impact of disabilities on persons in minority and underrepresented communities.
· A2924 (Lagana/Burzichelli/Garcia) – Modernizes the distribution of gross income tax refunds by making direct deposit the default distribution method; and A2925 (Lagana/Burzichelli/Garcia) – Provides for use of prepaid debit cards as standardized form of disbursement for certain State and local government payments to individuals and business entities.
· A3175 (Riley/DeAngelo) – Requires DCA to post on its Internet website inspection reports for residential health care facilities, boarding homes, and emergency shelters for the homeless.
· A3669 (Mazzeo/Burzichelli) – Prohibits eligibility for certain sign programs from being conditioned on availability of free drinking water or public telephone.
· A3684 (Coughlin) – Requires AG to remove information from website concerning persons indicted or prosecuted for crimes under certain circumstances
· A-3508 (Eustace/Andrzejczak/DeAngelo) – Requires DOLWD to permit veterans and other groups to apply for UI benefits online
· A-3636 (McKeon) – Establishes crime-fraud exception to marital and civil union partnership privilege.