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More from Speaker Oliver and Senate President Sweeney on Helping NJ’s Senior Citizens Through True Shared Sacrifice

Assembly Speaker Sheila Y. Oliver and Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney had the following published in The Daily Journal, the Asbury Park Press and Cleary’s Notebook:

“New Jerseyans have heard a lot of talk in recent weeks about “shared sacrifice” as we confront our state budget problems. It’s a nice-sounding theme that paints a picture of everybody chipping in equally to carry the burden. It’s undeniable that state spending cuts are needed, and that every area of state government will be affected. But one thing quickly became clear as that phrase became Gov. Chris Christie’s mantra: Not every cut is equal, and not everyone shares the same definition of “shared sacrifice.”

“We know that many cuts in the governor’s budget plan are painful and that spending cuts are clearly needed. Working our way through the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression will not be easy. Without question, the pain needs to be spread across the spectrum. But some cuts are worse than others, such as Christie’s plan to force senior citizens to pay more for their prescription drugs and in property taxes. If allowed to stand, they would have a devastating impact on those living on fixed incomes…”

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