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Assemblyman Paul Moriarty (D-Camden/Gloucester) today announced a victory for consumers in a compromise he has reached with the New Jersey Lottery that will give customers a second chance at a winning shot.

Moriarty was the lead sponsor of legislation (A-647) recently approved by the Assembly that would prohibit the sale of lottery scratch-off tickets after the top prizes have been won, a measure that had been opposed by lottery officials.

“I have always been of the belief that it is misleading to continue selling scratch-off tickets to the public when the top prizes have already been awarded. However, lottery officials had their own concerns so we have reached what I believe is a great compromise victory for consumers.”

After meeting with Lottery officials, Moriarty announced that he will drop his legislation in exchange for the lottery rolling out a new program that will give customers a second chance at prizes on losing tickets.

“My concern all along is that consumers were wasting their money on prizes that no longer existed. Now they will have a number of second chances. I think this is a great compromise that will help boost lottery revenue and give customers a second chance at a winning shot,” added Moriarty.

The new program – Million Dollar Replay – will allow any consumer who joins the NJ Lottery VIP Club and purchases at least $10 in eligible, non-winning instant tickets, to submit their losing tickets into a yearly drawing for $1 million.

Additionally, each quarter the lottery will hold a drawing to select 100 winners to receive a prize of $250 each. There will also be 15 final winners selected at the end of the year for prizes ranging from $10,000 to $1 million.

Moriarty said the Lottery Commission intends on rolling out full details of the program this spring.