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(TRENTON) – Assemblyman Paul Moriarty released the following statement Thursday after The Star-Ledger reported property taxes increased 7 percent in New Jersey in 2010:

“This Christie tax increase that especially hits working class families and senior citizens is no surprise.
“Examine the facts – in 2009, property taxes increased 3.3 percent statewide. That was still too high, but it was at least progress, until Gov. Christie decided millionaires were the only ones getting a tax cut.
“During his first year in office, Gov. Christie cut $2.8 billion in property tax relief. A poor decision like that comes with consequences.
“Gov. Christie once said taking away property tax relief from people in a recession was the wrong decision and an assault on the middle-class, and I couldn’t agree more.
“Unfortunately, Gov. Christie ignored his own advice and led the charge on a massive property tax increase that disproportionately slapped working class New Jerseyans and seniors.
“I wholeheartedly agree that we need to slash spending and make tough choices, but so far Gov. Christie’s choice is to take away property tax relief from seniors and families.”