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(TRENTON) – Assemblyman Paul Moriarty on Thursday said Assembly colleague Dominick DiCicco should be ashamed for flip-flopping three times and voting against creating jobs and economic growth for the 4th Legislative District and New Jersey.
Moriarty (D-Gloucester/Camden) noted DiCicco on Jan. 6 voted to approve three Democratic job bills — A-2215, A-3353 and A-3584.
Republican Gov. Chris Christie vetoed the bills on Feb. 18, so when Democrats moved to override the vetoes on Thursday, DiCicco changed his votes on all three bills, voting against job creation and economic development.
“I didn’t think it was flip-flop season quite yet, at least until I saw Assemblyman DiCicco today killing job growth in New Jersey,” Moriarty said. “These flip-flops are a clear sign that Assemblyman DiCicco is either incapable of making a decision or unable to stand on his own principles. He would rather join our governor in his all-out assault on New Jersey’s middle-class than stand up for creating jobs.”
DiCicco flip-flopped on bills to provide job training to out-of-work New Jerseyans (A-3584), create a special fund to attract and retain economic development projects in New Jersey (A-3353) and promote construction of green buildings in New Jersey (A-2215).
Moriarty noted the job training bill, which he sponsored, would cost $2.12 million per year, which pales in comparison to Christie’s plan to spend $11.5 million per year on an estate tax break. Moriarty also noted the bill to create the special fund would have no immediate cost, with spending authority placed with the governor, and the green building plan had no budget impact.
“Assemblyman DiCicco would rather give tax breaks to dead millionaires than job training to working class New Jerseyans desperate to find a job,” Moriarty said. “Assemblyman DiCicco needs to learn that the people of Gloucester and Camden counties expect us to advocate for their wellbeing, not collapse like a house cards when the governor makes job-killing demands. Nothing should be more important right now than creating jobs and economic growth, but unfortunately Assemblyman DiCicco would rather play right-wing politics.”