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(TRENTON) — Assemblyman Paul Moriarty on Monday said he’s still waiting for Gov. Chris Christie to justify spending $60,000 annually on a New York resident whose main job will be to post on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Moriarty noted Christie is doing this while he also seeks to cut funding for schools, the disabled, the poor and job creation programs. He again called on Christie to reverse his decision.

“Gov. Christie himself has declared New Jersey to be in a fiscal crisis, yet he still has room to spend $60,000 on someone to post on Twitter?” Moriarty asked. “This doesn’t add up. I have 300 e-mails complaining about Gov. Christie’s plan to cut afterschool programs. It seems as though Gov. Christie thinks there is a fiscal emergency for everyone else, but none for himself.”

Gannett has been reporting how Christie has hired a New York resident for $60,000 per year to handle his Twitter, Facebook and YouTube postings. It reported that Christie appears to be the first New Jersey governor to hire someone solely to do work on his behalf such as social networking.

“The people of New Jersey are still waiting for a valid explanation for this unneeded spending when the governor is asking people to do more with less,” Moriarty said. “Interns, for example, can post on the Internet for free, or existing staff can easily handle this job. I personally post on Facebook and Twitter, and I certainly don’t pay someone $60,000 to do it.”

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