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(4th LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) — Assemblyman Paul Moriarty had the following published Sunday in the Gloucester County Times:

“Budgets are about choices.

“Even in the best of times, we didn’t have enough money to spend on everything we wanted, and we certainly don’t have that luxury now as we continue to fight our way through what’s come to be known as The Great Recession.

“I fully realize that spending cuts are in order, not only for this fiscal year, but for the state budget year that starts on July 1. After all, I’ve been one of the loudest voices in Trenton for spending cuts and public worker pension and benefit reforms since 2006. I’ve received much criticism for those stands, but I haven’t backed down because I know they’re the right thing to do.

“But since budgets are about choices, we must be careful about making the right choices.

“Some cuts are harsher than others, and among those are Gov. Chris Christie’s cuts to the New Jersey After 3 program.

“It’s an especially harsh cut considering how the governor has no problem hiring someone from New York and paying him $60,000 to post on his behalf on Twitter and Facebook. That’s work interns can do for free, but at least we now know the governor’s priorities. Apparently, there is a fiscal crisis for everyone but himself…”

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