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Mosquera, Swain & Murphy Bill Establishing Requirements for Provision of Postpartum Care Information & Development of Postpartum Care Plans Passes Assembly

To help New Jersey mothers prepare for their post-labor needs, Assemblywomen Gabriela Mosquera, Lisa Swain and Carol Murphy sponsor a bill to require health care professionals to discuss postpartum planning with expecting mothers and require medical facilities to provide new mothers with information on postpartum care.

Under the bill (A-3633), health care professionals such as physicians, nurses and midwives would be required to make certain pregnant patients have the opportunity to develop a comprehensive, personalized postpartum care plan. If the patient does not already have a plan, the provider would offer to consult with them to help develop one.

The measure also requires medical facilities such as hospitals and birthing centers to ensure that new mothers receive postpartum care information before they are discharged after childbirth. The women would be informed about potential health issues that can take place after labor and the risks, warning signs and symptoms of those potential complications.

Upon the bill unanimously passing the full Assembly on Monday, Assemblywomen Mosquera (D-Camden, Gloucester), Swain (D-Bergen, Passaic) and Murphy (D-Burlington) issued the following joint statement:

“Childbirth is a complex and challenging process that can continue to impact mothers long after they have brought a new baby into the world.

“Many women don’t realize all that pregnancy can entail, especially if they have never had a child before. Unfortunately, their health care providers don’t always tell them what to expect either – leaving them without the information they need regarding potential complications and what to do if they arise.

“Requiring professionals to discuss postpartum plans with their patients and hospitals to give new mothers information about postpartum care will better prepare women to deal with some of the issues they may face as they enter an exciting but challenging new time in their lives.”

The bill now heads to the Senate.