Mosquera Unequivocally Calls for the Removal of Judges Silva and Troiano

Chair of the Women and Children Committee Gabriela Mosquera (D-Camden & Gloucester), released the following statement calling for the removal of New Jersey judges Marcia Silva and James Troiano:

“As a long-time advocate of children’s welfare, I was appalled to learn about the reprehensible conduct of Marcia Silva and James Troiano during cases involving the alleged sexual assault of minors.

“The comments these two judges made were utterly inexcusable, ultimately making light of the magnitude of suffering rape victims endure. The lives of these two young girls have been forever changed by their ordeals, yet both judges made it seem as if neither accusation warranted serious treatment.

“I simply cannot understand how Silva could consider the alleged assault of a 12-year-old child to be ‘not especially heinous or cruel,’ or how Troiano could care more about the advantageous upbringing of a boy – who allegedly referred to his own actions as rape – than the victim of those very actions.

“They should have known better.

“These judges may not be from my district, but their actions have an impact on everyone in our state. Silva and Troiano set a terrible precedent for the handling of sexual assault cases that cannot be allowed to go unchecked. I unequivocally call for their removal.”