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Mukherji, Chaparro & Chiaravalloti Cyberinfrastructure Strategic Plan Bill Clears Assembly Panel

Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute, New Jersey Big Data Alliance to Lead Effort

“Big data” requires new forms of processing in order to enhance decision making, insight discovery, and optimal processing. Providing support for the state’s cyberinfrastructure, legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Raj Mukherji, Annette Chaparro and Nicholas Chiaravalloti directing various entities to coordinate and establish an advanced strategic plan was released by the Assembly Science, Innovation and Technology Committee Monday.

Big data is defined as high volume, high velocity, or high variety information assets.

As per the bill (A3546), cyberinfrastructure includes, but is not limited to, data networks, computational facilities, computing resources, large data sets, specialized software applications, information technology usage improvements, and the human expertise needed to develop and manage such resources.

The New Jersey Big Data Alliance is a consortium consisting of Rutgers University, Princeton University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rowan University, Stockton University, Kean University, Montclair State University, and the Stevens Institute of Technology. The consortium encourages state government, academia and industry to address, in a strategic and coordinated manner, the challenges posed by big data sources and digital data. It also addresses the transfer of and access to the vast amounts of this type of information.

“This bill will help us develop a cyberinfrastructure roadmap for the state,” said Mukherji
(D-Hudson). “By utilizing a detailed, specific, comprehensive approach, we are taking the appropriate steps to ensure the effectiveness and safety of our state’s cyberinfrastructure.”

“As threats of cyber attacks become more common, we need to make sure New Jersey’s virtual infrastructure is working as it should and is protected,” said Chaparro (D-Hudson). “I’m confident in this plan, because the efforts will be led by top minds from our state’s great colleges and universities.”

“With technology changing and evolving by the very second, it is essential that we work together to remain informed, laser-focused and equipped with our cyber planning,” said Chiaravalloti (D-Hudson). “This bill helps us develop a plan to determine where we need to go and the best way to get there.”

The bill directs Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute, Office of Information Technology, and the New Jersey Big Data Alliance to establish cyberinfrastructure strategic plan that includes, but is not limited to:

1. Assessing New Jersey’s public and privately-owned cyberinfrastructure such as high performance computing, data storage systems, advanced instrumentation, data center facilities, visualization environments, the human expertise required to operate the cyberinfrastructure, and the software and advanced network linking these resources together
2. Creating a roadmap for implementing advanced cyberinfrastructure improvements throughout the state including developing a shared data cloud that integrates data infrastructure, hosted data, data analytics, and the development of a high-speed network infrastructure
3. Recommending strategies and policies to improve the state’s cyberinfrastructure
4. Identifying the benefits and essential applications of cyberinfrastructure
5. Recommending workforce development strategies to ensure that the necessary human expertise is in place
6. Identifying ways of using advanced cyberinfrastructure to drive economic development and create public private partnerships
The bill was introduced on March 5 and now awaits further consideration from the Assembly.