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Mukherji Urges Compromise on Atlantic City

Assemblyman Raj Mukherji (D-Hudson) on Wednesday urged Sen. Sweeney and Gov. Christie to work with the General Assembly on compromise legislation that will allow Atlantic City to avoid bankruptcy:

“Organized labor and the collective bargaining process are a hallmark of our democracy, and so is the bicameral legislature that has two houses.

“Atlantic City is facing a serious crisis, and its bankruptcy would have a ripple effect on other municipalities, including urban cities in my district that would face credit downgrades in challenging times.

“To that end, Speaker Prieto has offered the participation of the Assembly in crafting PILOT and takeover legislation that would allow Atlantic City – a vital economic contributor to our state – to avoid insolvency without an opt-out provision that would undermine the PILOT agreement if voters approve North Jersey casinos in order to keep the state’s gaming industry viable.

“Further, critical details in the proposed legislation would be considered in a measured way, so that possible alternatives are considered. Having discussed the matter at length with Mayor Guardian and other stakeholders, I stand with Speaker Prieto in insisting that the Assembly be a part of the process of saving Atlantic City.”