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(TRENTON) — Assemblywoman Nellie Pou (D-Passaic) Thursday issued a multimedia package detailing how the immigration legislation recently enacted in Arizona erodes civil rights.

The multimedia package consists of a video on Arizona’s new law, audio of the same, a transcript of Pou’s remarks and a press release detailing the discussion in more detail.

The video can be accessed directly via our Web site — — or by clicking here.The audio file is available upon request.

A press release on the budget public hearing can be found at either Assembly Democrats on Facebook.

A transcript of Pou’s comments is appended below:

“The law that Arizona is passing is one that I would say is misguided. I would also say that not only is it misguided, but it’s un-American.

“It’s un-American because it really is chipping away on the civil rights that we as citizens have come to not only enjoy, but it’s part of the very foundation of our country.

“It actually allows law enforcement to go out there and do racial profiling. It allows an officer to simply stop someone for any cause that they find, whether it’s due cause or otherwise. It may very well be an American citizen, but simply because of the color of their skin they may feel as through that they have the right to simply stop that individual.

“While I believe that the immigration laws need to be reformed, it needs to be done in a thoughtful and a comprehensive approach in order for it to ensure that it is protecting the rights of all people.”

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