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***MULTIMEDIA PACKAGE*** Stender on Preventing Persons on FBI Terrorist Watchlist from Purchasing Firearms in New Jersey

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Measure Part of Assembly’s Comprehensive Gun Violence Prevention Package

(TRENTON) — Assembly State Government Committee Chair Linda Stender (D-Union) issued a multimedia package Friday on her legislation to prohibit individuals on the FBI Terrorist Watchlist from being able to obtain a firearms permit or purchase firearms in New Jersey.

The measure (A-3687), part of the General Assembly’s sweeping gun violence prevention bill package, would disqualify a person named on the consolidated Terrorist Watchlist maintained by the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center from being issued either a firearm’s identification card or a permit to purchase a handgun. It would be effective immediately upon enactment.

The multimedia package consists of a video of comments from Assemblywoman Stender on her legislation and audio and a transcript of same.

The video can be accessed directly via our website — — or by clicking here.

The audio file is available upon request.

A transcript of comments from Assemblywoman Stender is appended below:

Assemblywoman Linda Stender (D-Union), Assembly State Government Committee Chair:
“If you are on the federal terrorist watchlist, you should be prohibited from buying guns. It’s that simple. That’s what my bill seeks to achieve.

“And, we did it because in 2009, there was a federal GAO report released that said of the 963 people on the list that tried to get guns in the prior five year period, 90 percent of them were able to do that.

“We know that every time a gun kills it breaks somebody’s heart. After what happened in Connecticut back in the fall — the slaughter of 26 people, including 20 children — it has forced us as a nation, as a community, to confront the fact that we need reasonable gun control laws in this country.

“And it defies logic that if somebody’s on the federal terrorist watchlist that they should be able to access guns. Period.”