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Muoio Applauds Appellate Court’s Decision Beating Back Christie Admin’s Attempt to do Away with Civil Service Protections

Assemblyman Elizabeth Maher Muoio (D-Mercer/Hunterdon) on Thursday applauded an Appellate Court decision backing the Legislature’s effort to overturn the Christie administration’s attempt to weaken civil service rules.

“Civil service rules were designed to ensure that hard-working employees get a fair shake and don’t fall victim to cronyism and nepotism. Today’s Appellate Court decision upholds that belief and validates the Legislature’s efforts to protect the working families of this state.

“Job banding is just one of many efforts across the country aimed at weakening long-standing labor protections in favor of empowering those at the top. This is a significant victory for employees that show up every day, do a good job and deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work rather than cast aside in favor of the politically-connected.

“I’m glad the court recognized this wisdom. A system based on merit, rather than favoritism, is a win for taxpayers and public employees alike,” said Muoio.