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Muoio Proposing Legislation Calling on Congress to Rescind Trump’s Muslim & Refugee Ban

Assemblywoman Elizabeth Maher Muoio (D-Mercer/Hunterdon) is drafting legislation that will be introduced next week supporting Congressional efforts to rescind President Trump’s Executive Order barring immigrants from certain Muslim-majority countries from entering the Unites States and suspending the U.S. refugee program.

“This Executive Order violates some of the most basic tenets on which this country was founded. The Constitution is not a cafeteria plan. We cannot pick and choose which provisions apply, when they apply, and to whom they apply. We are a nation founded, built and inhabited by descendants of many nations and followers of many religions, and when you threaten the rights of any of us, you threaten the rights of all of us.

“As state legislators we are duty-bound to lift our voices in opposition to this Executive Order and any other federal actions that threaten the constitutional protections that serve as the foundation of this country.”

If approved, the legislation would add the Assembly’s voice to the growing public record of officials who oppose the ban, which has already been deemed unconstitutional by a number of federal judges.

Muoio intends to introduce the legislation at the Assembly’s next quorum call next Thursday.