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Murphy Bill to Clarify Law Misapplied to Homeowners in Common Interest Communities Clears Panel

Residents Are Being Forced to Pay Certain Assessment Fees Not Required in Their Original Title

On the passage of legislation (A-2480) clarifying association assessment payment and election participation requirements in planned real estate communities, Assemblywoman Carol Murphy (D-Burlington) issued the following statement:

“Homeowners who have lived and invested in their properties are finding themselves entrapped by additional dues, and charges, subject to liens in their common interest communities because of a misinterpretation of current law.

          “Families on a fixed income or working multiple jobs to make ends meet, putting their children and grandchildren through college— living in common interest communities—should have an option whether to participate in new association changes within their community. If their title does not provide for these obligations, it should not be mandatory for these homeowners.”