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Murphy Statement on Access to Healthcare for Offenders Reentering Community

After hearing testimony from the Department of Corrections at today’s meeting of the Assembly Budget Committee, Assemblywoman Carol Murphy (D-Burlington) released the following statement on access to healthcare for offenders exiting the corrections system:

            “While offenders are in prison, their healthcare needs are taken care of by the State. Those health issues will stay with them after leaving prison, but their health coverage will not.

            “I was pleased to hear the Department of Corrections is working diligently to help offenders get covered under the Affordable Care Act before they are paroled or released. However, it can be incredibly difficult for an average New Jerseyan to afford healthcare, and former offenders will face even more barriers to coverage. Our declining prison population – while an incredible accomplishment – will result in a greater burden on our healthcare system.

            “When discussing access to care in New Jersey, we cannot forget about former offenders who have served their time and are ready to reenter their communities. A healthy body and mind will help them lead a healthy, productive life upon re-entering society.”