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Murphy Statement on School Infrastructure and Serving Our Students during Budget Process

As the Assembly Budget Committee continues the process of evaluating resources to craft a fair and balanced State budget, Assemblywoman Carol Murphy (D-Burlington) released the following statement:

“Every child deserves to take pride in their school. It should be a place that excites them to learn, grow and work towards a bright future,” said Murphy, who sits on the Assembly Budget Committee. “However, after hearing testimony from school officials from across the State, it’s clear many of our school buildings are falling into disarray. A school with crumbling ceilings, broken bathroom stalls or faulty heating and cooling systems can understandably hinder a student’s ability to focus. If we are serious about showing children the importance of education, we must ensure the facility where they learn meets an acceptable standard. As we continue conversations about school funding, we need to take into consideration restoring infrastructure in our schools facing hardship.”