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N.J. Assembly Speaker Prieto Statement on ‘Bridgegate’

Trial Record & Legislative Hearings Being Compared & Will take Appropriate Actions if Findings Call for it
Will seek to Boost Legislative Oversight Authority
Will Also Monitor Bergen County Court Proceeding

(TRENTON) – Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) released the following statement on Tuesday:

“The closing of the access lanes to the George Washington Bridge as an act of political retribution was among the most blatant abuses of government power this state has ever seen. If it wasn’t for the Legislature’s investigation that began in the Assembly, this abusiveness may never have come to light.
“The Legislature’s investigation was a stellar example of the checks and balances vital to our democracy and the value of the legislative branch’s all-important oversight role. I am proud of the history-making example set by the Assembly and Legislature, but it’s also unlikely after the federal trial that additional hearings or subpoenas will provide new information – while also proving costly to taxpayers.
“Under my direction, legislative staff has been reviewing the record and testimony from the federal trial and comparing it to the evidence gathered during the legislative hearings. Once complete, the Assembly will take the appropriate actions, if the findings call for it.
“The Assembly will also be devising legislation to strengthen the Legislature’s oversight role by modernizing state law on legislative subpoenas and enforcement of them.
“The Assembly will also continue to monitor the court proceedings in Bergen County. If anyone is convicted of a crime from that or any other proceeding that may arise, I will be prepared to invoke the full powers given to the Assembly.”