N.J. Assembly Speaker Prieto Statement on Women’s Health Care Funding

Notes GOP Lawmakers Failed to Back Override Just 13 Days Ago
‘The voting record is set for all to see and judge’

(TRENTON) – Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) released the following statement Wednesday in regards to a NJ Advance Media article that contends Gov. Christie faces “rebellion” from Republican lawmakers on women’s health care funding:

“Assemblywomen Handlin, Munoz, Rodriguez-Gregg and Schepisi either abstained or failed to vote just 13 days ago when they had the chance to override Gov. Christie’s wrongful veto of $7.45 million in women’s health care funding. The article fails to mention this override even happened, let alone that these ‘maverick’ lawmakers failed to take a stand on this all-important issue. Seems like an important fact to leave out, for whatever reason.
“If these legislators felt strongly about this issue and protecting health care for women, the override vote was their chance. They failed to do what was right, and they should be held publicly accountable for that very public vote, or lack thereof. Trying to fix their mistake with some quotes and being given a pass on their failure to act 13 days ago is too little too late, for the women and families of New Jersey. And by the way, when this bill was up for a vote in June 2016, they voted no.
“While I welcome all support for women’s health care, and will always continue the fight to fund it, the voting record is set for all to see and judge. I would urge everyone to consider all the facts before giving lawmakers a free pass on abstentions and not voting.”