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Oliver on the Minimum Wage Increase Jan 1.

(Trenton) – Assembly Speaker Oliver released the following statement on the eve of New Jersey’s increase in minimum wage:

“We, Democrats and minimum wage supporters, believed it was time for a change in the how minimum wage increases were determined in this state and time, after many years, for a boost in pay for New Jersey’s workers. The voters confirmed this on Election Day.

“Increasing the minimum wage and setting it on the path to support families in the future with annual increases helps men and women working long hours to keep up with the ever-rising cost of living in this state. They will no longer have to wait for government to determine if or when they deserve a raise.

“The only way to fuel our businesses and the economy is to put more money in the wallets of New Jerseyans. Minimum wage earners did not deserve to wait any longer to earn a more respectable living, more comparable to other states. I am proud of our work this term on the issue of minimum wage.”