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Oliver: Unfolding Rutgers Saga Highlights Need for Hearing

Assembly Speaker Points to Latest Allegations that Rutgers Board Member Saw Rice Videotape and Called for His Firing

Assembly Speaker Sheila Y. Oliver on Tuesday said the continued, and often conflicting, information coming out of Rutgers in the wake of former basketball coach Mike Rice’s firing underscores the need for legislative hearings to find out exactly how the situation unfolded and how to prevent any future incidents.

“It seems that every day we hear differing or incomplete stories of who knew what and when and how they dealt with that information. The latest account that Board of Governors member Mark Hershorn viewed the videotape of Mike Rice’s conduct and called for him to be fired underscores the need for legislative hearings to get to the bottom of things and put this situation behind us.

“I fully expect Mr. Hershhorn to come testify at our upcoming hearing to explain what he saw and who he told. We have too many differing accounts, and we expect full cooperation from Mr. Hershhorn, other members of the board and the administration,” said Oliver (D-Essex/Passaic).