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Pinkin & Karabinchak Laud Announcement of New Jersey Wind Port as All-Around Win for the State

Yesterday the Governor announced New Jersey will be developing the nation’s first purpose-built marshalling and manufacturing port dedicated to the offshore wind industry. In response, Assembly committee chairs Nancy Pinkin and Robert Karabinchak (both D-Middlesex) issued the following statements: 

Assemblywoman Nancy Pinkin, chair of the Assembly Environment Committee said: “This project is an unequivocal win for New Jersey in the fight against climate change. The new hub will be a major step to bettering our environment and public health, and will steadily move the needle on our goal of 100 percent clean energy by 2050. It puts New Jersey on very strong economic footing. With the promise to create thousands of jobs and boost our regional and state economies, this plan comes at a time when communities are needing it the most.”

 Assemblyman Robert Karabinchak, chair of the Assembly Special Committee on Infrastructure and Natural Resources said: “Capitalizing on a rapidly growing sector of renewable energy, this offshore wind port, once developed, will give New Jersey a huge regional edge. Not only will it allow us to transform our own green energy infrastructure and meet our own goals, it also positions us to sustainably service millions of American homes along the East Coast. This is a tremendous investment and I look forward to the continued partnership between government and the private sector so we can see this through.”