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Pinkin, Vainieri Huttle, and Murphy Bill to Establish Government Efficiency and Regulatory Review Commission Passes Full Assembly

In an effort to provide relief and support to businesses and municipalities, Assembly Democrats Nancy Pinkin (D-Middlesex), Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D- Bergen), and Carol Murphy (D- Burlington) sponsor legislation to create the Government Efficiency and Regulatory Review Commission in the Office of the Governor.  The bill was passed by the full Assembly Thursday, 72-1.

The objective of the bill (A-4810) is to provide relief and ease government regulations to support economic growth and restabilize impacted businesses and local governments.

The Commission would be comprised of nine total members from the Executive and Legislative branches of State Government and would be tasked with reviewing rules and regulations, or Executive Orders to determine if their costs outweigh their benefits.  By collecting data and information deemed necessary, along with public comments, the Commission would generate ideas to help businesses, workers, and local governments.  Economically impacted businesses and local governments would get relief and support for further growth.

The Commission would meet once every six months and provide an annual report to the Governor and Legislature.  This report would include recommendations to improve rules and regulations, or Executive Orders determined as burdens.

The bill is one in a series of bills based upon recommendations from the coronavirus recovery Economic Advisory Council, established by Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, whose mission was to provide input and ideas to the State Legislature on how to move forward on COVID-19 recovery.

Following passage in the Assembly, Assemblywomen Pinkin, Vainieri Huttle, and Murphy issued the following joint statement:

“COVID-19 has greatly impaired businesses and workers, who are making an effort to adapt to a new normal. Now more than ever, the people of New Jersey need effective rules and regulations to help save taxpayer money and regain economic prosperity.”

“We must ensure people have the ability for monetary growth and, by identifying economic areas in need, the Commission could create better efficiencies to lower costs and save taxpayer money.”