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Pintor Marin & Muñoz Bill to Streamline Employee Complaint Process Signed Into Law

Assemblywomen Eliana Pintor Marin (D-Essex) and Nancy Muñoz (R-Union) applaud the signing of legislation that addresses the concerns of harassment and discrimination reporting practices on the state level.

The measure (A-5630), signed into law by the Governor on Tuesday, requires the Civil Service Commission to establish and maintain a hotline for State employees to submit reports of workplace discrimination and harassment.

The sponsors issued the following statements:

 “One of the concerns revealed in the Select Committee hearing was a lack of process to file a workplace discrimination complaint,” said Assemblywoman Pintor Marin. “With this measure we begin to create a fair and responsible road map for victims of harassment and discrimination.  If another victim should come forward in the future, with regard to any gubernatorial transition committee for any Governor, or someone employed by State government, they will have a safe place to tell their story and the employee they tell it to will be trained properly to ensure respect and consideration for the victim.”

“During my time as vice chair of the Legislative Select Oversight Committee, it became quite evident that there is more we can do to protect all state workers,” said Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz. “Ms. Brennan’s horrific experience must never be repeated. This is a first step in strengthening the State’s response to such complaints and ensuring we are aware of the backgrounds of all potential hires. It is a step in the right direction.”

Pintor Marin and Muñoz served as chair and vice-chair, respectively, of the Legislative Select Oversight Committee for the 218th legislative session.