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Assemblywoman Cites DOE Commissioner’s Testimony that Pre-K for State’s Poorest Students May Get Axed if More School Funding is Required by Courts

Assemblywoman Nellie Pou (D-Bergen/Passaic) today cited the testimony by New Jersey Department of Education Commissioner Chris Cerf as yet more evidence that the Christie administration is intent on balancing the state budget on the backs of those who can least afford it.

“The Commissioner made it painfully clear in his testimony today that if the Supreme Court should decide that the state needs to more adequately fund education in New Jersey, then full-day preschool for some of our poorest children will be on the chopping block.

“Once again the Christie administration is targeting the least among us first while protecting tax cuts for the rich. The Treasurer indicated much the same when he came before our committee a few weeks ago.

“We’ve been told that there may be cuts to medical coverage for the poor, nursing homes, prescription drug programs for seniors, and now pre-school to help our most vulnerable students get a head start. Yet we haven’t heard anything about asking our most fortunate residents to share in the sacrifice.

“This just makes it clear that Republicans are more inclined to press the middle-class and the poor to carry the burden, while asking nothing of our wealthiest residents,” said Pou.