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Prez & VP Candidate Tax Return Ballot Requirement, No PARCC as a Graduation Requirement, Gun Safety Lawsuit vs. Christie, Puppy Mill Crackdown & Baby Boxes Highlight Thursday Assembly Session

Also on Tap: New Driver’s License Expiration Date, Newborn Health Insurance, Domestic Violence Prevention Training, Combating Fraudulent Deed Recordings, School Board Candidate Crime Disclosure & Gender Pay Equity for State Bidders

(TRENTON) – The Assembly on Thursday will vote on bills to, among other things, require presidential and vice presidential candidates release their tax returns to get on New Jersey’s ballot, invalidate the Christie plan to make PARCC test a graduation requirement, affirm legislative support for litigation challenging Christie bid to weaken gun safety, set new requirements for pet shops and pet dealers and encourage the baby boxes to combat Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and promote sleeping safety.
Also on tap: bills to improve the Overdose Prevention Act, provide driver’s licenses expire every four years on the cardholder’s birthday, require hospitals and birthing centers to provide parents of newborns with information on health insurance coverage for newborns, establish mandatory domestic violence training for municipal prosecutors, enhance protections against fraudulent deed recordings, require school board hopefuls to affirm they have not been convicted of crimes that would disqualify them and require state bidders to disclose gender wage information.
The session is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. and will be streamed live at:
Bill No. Sponsor Description
A-555 Pinkin, Nancy J.
/Diegnan, Patrick J.
/Eustace, Tim Revises statutes concerning incorporation and governance of the Protestant Episcopal Church to remove gender-specific references.
A-603 As Lagana, Joseph A.
/Singleton, Troy Authorizes application for dismissal of a “Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation” (“SLAPP”).
A-815 AcsSca Land, R. Bruce
/Andrzejczak, Bob
/Mosquera, Gabriela M.
/Spencer, L. Grace
/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie
/Bramnick, Jon M.
/Van Drew, Jeff
/Kean, Thomas H. Concerns Code Blue alert plans to shelter at-risk individuals.
A-837 AaScaSca Jimenez, Angelica M.
/Green, Jerry
/Mukherji, Raj
/Sumter, Shavonda E.
/Munoz, Nancy F.
/Sacco, Nicholas J.
/Greenstein, Linda R. Establishes “Hazardous Drug Safe Handling Act;” requires promulgation of standards and regulations concerning safe handling of hazardous drugs by certain health care personnel.
A-1458 Lampitt, Pamela R.
/Mosquera, Gabriela M.
/Downey, Joann Requires hospitals and birthing centers to provide parents of newborns with information on health insurance coverage for newborn children.
A-1626 Rodriguez-Gregg, Maria
/Howarth, Joe Requires BPU to issue written decision concerning utility rate increase approvals to public via its website.
A-1655 Schaer, Gary S.
/Sumter, Shavonda E.
/Wimberly, Benjie E.
/Benson, Daniel R. Creates exclusion from municipal property tax levy cap for amounts necessary to provide required matching funds to qualify for grants and other funds.
A-1831 Conaway, Herb
/Singleton, Troy Directs DOT to add certain portion of Rising Sun Road in Bordentown Township to State highway system.
A-1861 AaAa Wimberly, Benjie E.
/Jasey, Mila M.
/Benson, Daniel R.
/Moriarty, Paul D. Enacts the “Reader Privacy Act.”
A-2185 Singleton, Troy
/Munoz, Nancy F.
/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie
/Downey, Joann
/Mosquera, Gabriela M.
/Lampitt, Pamela R. Establishes mandatory domestic violence training for municipal prosecutors.
A-2338 AcsAcaAa Benson, Daniel R.
/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie
/Eustace, Tim
/Gusciora, Reed
/Mukherji, Raj
/Jimenez, Angelica M. Revises “Pet Purchase Protection Act” to establish new requirements for pet dealers and pet shops.
A-2536 DeAngelo, Wayne P.
/Giblin, Thomas P. Requires Department of the Treasury to collect for overpayment of UI benefits.
A-2743 Coughlin, Craig J.
/Holley, Jamel C.
/Pintor Marin, Eliana Authorizes municipality to provide for imposition and collection of special assessment to secure developer’s recovery of cost of certain improvements in connection with redevelopment project.
A-2970 Diegnan, Patrick J.
/Pinkin, Nancy J. Revises applicability of law concerning derivative proceedings and shareholder class actions.
A-3433 AcaAa Greenwald, Louis D.
/Jones, Patricia Egan “Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act”; authorizes executor, agent, guardian, or trustee, under certain circumstances, to manage electronic records of decedent, principal, incapacitated person, or trust creator.
A-3828 Oliver, Sheila Y.
/Giblin, Thomas P.
/Tucker, Cleopatra G.
/Caputo, Ralph R.
/Chiaravalloti, Nicholas Enhances protections against fraudulent deed recordings.
A-3911 Wisniewski, John S.
/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie Provides that motor vehicle registration expires on registrant’s numerical calendar day of birth.
A-4172 As Downey, Joann
/Muoio, Elizabeth Maher
/Houghtaling, Eric
/Pintor Marin, Eliana Concerns timely provision of TDI and family temporary disability benefits.
A-4206 Karabinchak, Robert J.
/Prieto, Vincent
/Webber, Jay
/Holley, Jamel C. Requires candidates for election to school board to file with their nominating petitions specific affirmation that they have not been convicted of crimes that would disqualify them from office.
A-4263 Lampitt, Pamela R.
/Mosquera, Gabriela M.
/Mukherji, Raj
/Quijano, Annette
/Jones, Patricia Egan Requires bidders on certain State contracts to disclose, and Department of Treasury to publish, certain gender wage information.
A-4265 Aca Schaer, Gary S.
/Houghtaling, Eric
/Eustace, Tim
/Mukherji, Raj
/Holley, Jamel C. Requires certain notification prior to mosquito spraying applications.
A-4317 Prieto, Vincent
/Giblin, Thomas P. Concerns violations of certain occupational licensing laws.
A-4350 Aca Eustace, Tim Precludes DEP from imposing certain certification requirements on installers of individual subsurface sewage disposal systems.
A-4425 Vainieri Huttle, Valerie
/Muoio, Elizabeth Maher
/Eustace, Tim
/Space, Parker
/Benson, Daniel R. Eliminates certificate of need requirement for inpatient hospital beds for treatment of psychiatric and substance use disorder dual diagnosis.
A-4457 Caride, Marlene
/Quijano, Annette
/Singleton, Troy
/Chiaravalloti, Nicholas Provides certain immunity to board of director members and employees of private schools for students with disabilities if they report incidents of bullying in compliance with school policy.
A-4464 Land, R. Bruce
/Andrzejczak, Bob Permits conduct of punch-board games under raffle license.
A-4467 Aca Mazzeo, Vincent
/Conaway, Herb
/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie
/Wimberly, Benjie E. Clarifies that authorized persons and entities may administer multiple doses of any FDA-approved opioid antidote to overdose victim, regardless of dosage amount or administration method, with immunity under “Overdose Prevention Act.”
A-4511 DeAngelo, Wayne P. Requires BPU public meetings held in State-owned building to be broadcast live on Internet provided necessary technology is available in building.
A-4520 Aca McKeon, John F.
/Singleton, Troy
/Moriarty, Paul D.
/Quijano, Annette
/Johnson, Gordon M. Requires candidates for President and Vice-President of United States to disclose federal income tax returns to appear on ballot; prohibits Electoral College electors from voting for candidates who fail to file income tax returns.
A-4542 Mazzeo, Vincent
/Johnson, Gordon M.
/Land, R. Bruce
/Andrzejczak, Bob
/DeCroce, BettyLou Designates portion of the U.S. Route 322 in Atlantic County as “State Trooper Frankie Williams Memorial Highway.”
A-4573 Aca Coughlin, Craig J.
/Wisniewski, John S. Requires motor vehicle manufacturers doing business in New Jersey to establish motor vehicle emergency contract registry.
A-4648 Aca Pintor Marin, Eliana
/Lampitt, Pamela R.
/Watson, Blonnie R. Requires various State departments to provide linkages to information on “baby boxes” and safe sleep education on their websites.
ACR-215 Jasey, Mila M.
/Caride, Marlene
/Benson, Daniel R.
/Quijano, Annette
/Caputo, Ralph R.
/Jimenez, Angelica M.
/Jones, Patricia Egan
/McKeon, John F. Determines that State Board of Education regulations to revise assessment required for students to demonstrate graduation proficiency are inconsistent with legislative intent.
ACR-234 Greenwald, Louis D.
/Prieto, Vincent Provides that Senate and General Assembly support litigation to challenge validity of rule expanding justifiable need standard for issuing handgun carry permits.
AR-162 Singleton, Troy
/Munoz, Nancy F.
/Mosquera, Gabriela M.
/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie
/Chiaravalloti, Nicholas Urges New Jersey Supreme Court to create Technology Task Force within Supreme Court’s State Domestic Violence Working Group.
AR-163 Singleton, Troy
/Munoz, Nancy F.
/Mosquera, Gabriela M.
/Chiaravalloti, Nicholas Urges New Jersey Supreme Court and Attorney General to revise their jointly-created County Domestic Violence Working Groups to add additional members and responsibilities.
S-158 ScaSca
(A-3631) Madden, Fred H.
/Cruz-Perez, Nilsa
(Quijano, Annette
/Schaer, Gary S.
/Vainieri Huttle, Valeri
/Zwicker, Andrew
/Mukherji, Raj Permits holding companies of eligible New Jersey emerging technology companies to receive investments under “New Jersey Angel Investor Tax Credit Act.”
(A-4452) Beck, Jennifer
(Downey, Joann
/Houghtaling, Eric
/Benson, Daniel R.
/Mukherji, Raj) Requires sanitation vehicles display flashing lights in certain circumstances and imposes conditions on drivers approaching sanitation vehicles displaying flashing lights; designated as “Michael Massey’s Law.”
S-677 ScaAca
(A-3677 Aca) Rice, Ronald L.
(Wimberly, Benjie E.
/Singleton, Troy
/Spencer, L. Grace
/Holley, Jamel C.
/Tucker, Cleopatra G.) Requires racial and ethnic impact statement for certain bills and regulations affecting sentencing.
S-690 Sca
(A-2921 Aca) Gordon, Robert M.
/Beach, James
(Eustace, Tim
/Houghtaling, Eric) Increases flexibility, clarity, and available tools of optional municipal consolidation process.
(A-1271) Sarlo, Paul A.
(Caride, Marlene) Permits newly created regional school districts or enlarging regional school districts to determine apportionment methodology for their boards of education on basis other than population.
S-913 Sca
(A-3404 Aca) Codey, Richard J.
/Vitale, Joseph F.
(Burzichelli, John J.
/Coughlin, Craig J.) Permits hospitals to establish system for making performance-based incentive payments to physicians.
(A-2202 Aca) Gordon, Robert M.
/Bateman, Christopher
(Eustace, Tim) Authorizes special emergency appropriations for the payment of certain expenses incurred by municipalities to implement a municipal consolidation.
S-1059 Sca
(A-4462 Aca) Diegnan, Patrick J.
/Barnes, Peter J.
(Lagana, Joseph A.
/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie
/Mukherji, Raj) Permits amusement games license to be issued to holder of alcoholic beverage special concessionaire permit at certain airports; allows licensees to offer electronic amusements under certain circumstances.
(A-4423) Weinberg, Loretta
(Johnson, Gordon M.
/Benson, Daniel R.
/Mukherji, Raj) Requires governmental affairs agents to disclose on notice of representation form compensation amount received from State or local government entities; requires notice to be posted on Internet site of Election Law Enforcement Commission.
(A-3991) Turner, Shirley K.
/Stack, Brian P.
(Muoio, Elizabeth Maher
/Wimberly, Benjie E.
Johnson, Gordon M.
/Pintor Marin, Eliana) Requires housing authority to advertise when applications are being accepted for housing assistance waiting lists online.
(A-3846) Pou, Nellie
/Allen, Diane B.
(Phoebus, Gail
/Tucker, Cleopatra G.) Provides for retained eligibility for members of NJ National Guard or reserve component of US Armed Forces called to active federal military service who met maximum age requirement at closing date of civil service examination.
(A-3083) Weinberg, Loretta
/Gordon, Robert M.
(Vainieri Huttle, Valerie
/Eustace, Tim
/Johnson, Gordon M.) Establishes Mike Adler Aphasia Task Force to assess needs of persons with aphasia, and their families, and ensure adequate provision of support services and information thereto.
S-2564 ScaSca
(A-4115 Aca) Weinberg, Loretta
/Bucco, Anthony R.
(Johnson, Gordon M.
/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie
/Bucco, Anthony M.
/Holley, Jamel C.) Provides that driver’s license and identification cards expire every four years on licensee or cardholder’s birthday.
(A-4623) Rice, Ronald L.
/Ruiz, M. Teresa
(Sumter, Shavonda E
/Oliver, Sheila Y.) Requires study of program allowing community service in lieu of paying motor vehicle surcharges.
SJR-50 Aca
(AJR-69 Aca) Weinberg, Loretta
/Gordon, Robert M.
(DiMaio, John
/Pinkin, Nancy J.
/Quijano, Annette) Designates April as “Genocide Awareness Month.”
SJR-89 Sca
(AJR-111) Vitale, Joseph F.
/Madden, Fred H.
(Quijano, Annette/
Webber, Jay
/DiMaio, John
/McKnight, Angela V.) Designates May of each year as “Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Month” in New Jersey.