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Prez & VP Candidate Tax Return Requirement, No Secret Whistleblower Settlements, No Standardized Testing as Graduation Requirement & Transgender Rights Bill Package Highlight Monday Assembly Committees

Public Whistleblower Settlement Bill Stems from Bennett Barlyn Case

(TRENTON) – Requiring candidates for president and vice-president to disclose federal income tax returns to appear on the New Jersey ballot, barring public entities and public employees from entering into confidential settlements of whistleblower claims such as happened in the Bennett Barlyn case, no standardized testing as a graduation requirement, a transgender rights bill package highlight Monday’s Assembly committee hearings.
The meetings are slated to begin at 10 a.m. and will be streamed live at:
· A-4520 (McKeon/Singleton/Moriarty) – Requires candidates for President and Vice-President of United States to disclose federal income tax returns to appear on ballot. 10 a.m. Judiciary.
· A-4243 (McKeon/Quijano/Benson/Houghtaling/Downey) – Bars public entities and public employees from entering into confidential settlements of “whistleblower” claims; provides that such settlements constitute public records. 10 a.m. Judiciary.
· ACR-215 (Jasey/Caride) – Determines that State Board of Education regulations to revise assessment required for students to demonstrate graduation proficiency are inconsistent with legislative intent. 10 a.m. Education.
· A-4566 (Vainieri Huttle/Eustace) – Defines information to be included on death certificates, including gender identification; A-4567 (Vainieri Huttle/Eustace) – Establishes Transgender Equality Task Force; A-4568 (Vainieri Huttle/Eustace) – Prohibits health insurers, SHBP, SEHBP, University Correctional Health Care, and Medicaid from discriminating in providing coverage and services based on gender identity; AJR-139 (Vainieri Huttle) – Designates November 14th through November 20th as “Transgender Awareness Week;” and AJR-140 (Vainieri Huttle/Eustace) – Designates November 20th as “Transgender Day of Remembrance.” 1 p.m. Human Services.
· A-3891 (Eustace/Johnson) – Includes businesses owned by lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender persons or by persons with a disability in certain assistance programs. 1 p.m. Human Services.
· A-4216 (Eustace/Muoio) – Requires collection of voluntary, self-disclosed information about sexual orientation and gender identity in certain surveys by State agencies. 1 p.m. Human Services.
· AR-97 (Tucker) – Memorializes Department of Defense to authorize changes on certain military service forms of veterans who are transgender. 1 p.m. Human Services.
· A-4139 (Benson/Muoio/Conaway) – Requires health care facilities to test for and remediate lead in drinking water, and disclose test results. 2 p.m. Environment and Solid Waste.
· A-4415 (Eustace/Gusciora/Muoio/Benson) – Requires water purveyors to conduct water loss audits. 2 p.m. Environment and Solid Waste.
· A-845 (Quijano/Johnson/Conaway) – Establishes Division of Minority and Women Business Development and State Chief Disparity Officer to monitor efforts to promote participation by minority-owned and women-owned businesses in State contracting. 10 a.m. Women and Children.
· A-4263 (Lampitt/Mosquera) – Requires bidders on certain State contracts to disclose, and Department of Treasury to publish, certain gender wage information. 10 a.m. Women and Children.
· A-2352 (Vainieri Huttle/Muoio/Singleton) – Requires Commissioner of Education to include data on chronic absenteeism and disciplinary suspensions on School Report Card and requires public schools to make certain efforts to combat chronic absenteeism. 10 a.m. Education.
· A-4157 (Downey/Houghtaling/Lampitt) – Establishes Veterans Assistance Grant Program for nonprofit organizations to provide certain services to veterans; and A-4171 (Downey/Houghtaling) – Establishing New Jersey Commission on Veterans’ Benefits in DMVA. 10 a.m. Military and Veterans’ Affairs.