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Prieto Calls On Sweeney to Join Him in Examining School Funding System

Assembly Speaker Urges Senate President to Follow Through On His Stated Willingness to Study School Funding Fairness

(TRENTON) – Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto on Wednesday called on Senate President Stephen Sweeney to join him in studying school funding fairness without predetermined outcomes or politics.
“There is no mystery to the fact that we need to study school funding fairness without predetermining the outcome or getting political,” said Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen). “The Assembly is beginning a series of hearings on school funding concerns and how to improve the process. In fact, members of both houses have publicly asked both of us for hearings, including Sen. Cruz-Perez and Asw. Egan Jones.
“We’re ready to hear from education experts, taxpayers and parents from throughout the state about what’s best for children and what can bring property tax relief. We’re not presupposing any outcome or targeting any districts. Now that Senate President Sweeney acknowledges that there is a problem with school funding fairness – based on Tuesday’s Senate vote – he should join us cooperatively in an unbiased examination of school funding.”