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Prieto & Caride: ‘Getting N.J. school funding right and helping control property taxes’

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto and Assembly Education Chairwoman Marlene Caride had the following published in The Star-Ledger:

“School funding is New Jersey’s endless ordeal. No matter how many times this immense issue has been pushed toward a successful solution, it just rolls right back onto the taxpayers — and our children.

“New Jersey has many issues to confront, but many of them revolve around school funding. Property taxes. Tax fairness. Real estate value. Our children’s future.

“As the Assembly speaker and chairwoman of the Assembly Education Committee, we recognize New Jersey’s constitutional educational mandate, and our moral responsibility to our children demand that we provide opportunities and eliminate obstacles for all students, regardless of their circumstances.

“We also recognize New Jersey has not properly funded its schools. It’s a longstanding problem that should have been resolved years ago, but remains festering due to economic struggles and political ideology…”