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Prieto: Christie Adds Insult to Injury for Unemployed New Jerseyans

Assembly Budget Committee Chair Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) on Wednesday questioned the Christie administration’s decision to halt yet another job-training program (Professional Services Group) for beleaguered, out-of-work New Jerseyans, while doing little to address the state’s job creation needs.

During today’s Budget Committee hearing, Prieto questioned Department of Labor officials over the decision to shutter the statewide Professional Services Group program with little notice, a move that could potentially impact thousands of unemployed residents who utilize this network.

“The Governor’s blind eye on job creation and support for the unemployed continues to get more disturbing. After essentially declaring ‘mission accomplished’ with the ‘Jersey Comeback,’ now he’s adding insult to injury for the roughly 400,000 unemployed residents still struggling to get back into the job market.

“Yesterday the administration admitted to unilaterally dismantling a program to help train women and minorities in the building trades. Today we got confirmation that a comprehensive training program for out-of-work professionals is being halted with little notice.

“We can’t just sweep these pressing problems under the rug. If this program is in fact going to be revamped, we need answers as to how and what will struggling residents do in the interim while the program is being reworked?” said Prieto.