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Prieto: Christie Housing Fund Raid Raises More Questions about His Misguided Budget Policies

Assembly Budget Chairman Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) released the following statement Thursday after hearing testimony on Gov. Chris Christie’s plan to raid affordable housing funding from municipalities across New Jersey:

“Gov. Christie has once again made clear protecting property taxpayers is not his priority.

“This raid would likely hurt taxpayers who would have to cover costs previously paid for through dedicated fees collected from builders and developers. Plus, 57 percent of the funds would come from the nine counties hardest hit by Sandy.

“We know Gov. Christie has always focused on protecting wealthy homeowners while leaving out struggling families, but this money grab once again reveals Gov. Christie’s real priorities.

“Gov. Christie’s claims that he’s fixed the state budget ring more hollow every day. If he must rely on raiding funding from municipalities, then something is seriously wrong.”