(SECAUCUS) – Assemblyman Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson) released the following statement Friday on Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of legislation that would have restored property tax relief and guaranteed prescription drug assistance to senior and disabled citizens:

“Gov. Christie’s veto is the worst kind of public policy.

“He has saved 16,000 millionaires from a temporary tax increase, yet pushed more than 600,000 senior and disabled citizens toward poverty with a huge property tax increase.

“That lacks common sense and decency.

“It’s definitely not shared sacrifice to strip away protect tax cuts for the wealthy while stripping away property tax rebates worth as much as $1,295 for senior citizens trying to keep their homes.

“We should be working tirelessly to protect our most vulnerable residents and the property tax rebates so vital to their quality of life, not favoring the wealthy with tax cuts.

“This is the wrong direction for New Jersey and terribly tragic one for senior and disabled residents who – thanks to Gov. Christie’s property tax increases – won’t be able to keep their homes once the property tax bills arrive later this year.”

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