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Christie Continues to Protect Millionaires While Low & Middle Income Families Pay the Price

Standing up for the residents of the 32nd legislative district, Assemblyman Vincent Prieto (D-Bergen/Hudson) today called Governor Christie’s budget cuts heartless, political retaliation that hurts the most vulnerable New Jersey residents.

“This Governor has, once again, shown that he could care less about working and middle class families. Instead of asking the wealthiest New Jerseyans to sacrifice just a little more, he has added an even greater burden on the people that are simply struggling to get by.

“Working-class women in need of health care, families living just at the poverty line, AIDS victims, blind and abused children – these are the people the Governor has accused Democrats of pandering to. Does this man have no heart?

“Rather than asking millionaires to pay a few thousand more in taxes each year, the Governor has decided to make suburban school children suffer by cutting nearly $500 million in school aid that we had restored in the budget. Not only will this directly affect education in the classroom, but parents will feel the added burden when property taxes continue to rise.

“But the Governor has made it clear he doesn’t care about the average taxpayer. Otherwise, he would not have cut the entire allocation from the Meadowlands tax sharing agreement, which has historically gone to help towns in our region offset the loss of tax revenue from the vast swaths of the Meadowlands where development is impossible.

“This Governor has shown time and again that he has little regard for the average resident in this state. With the signing of ‘his’ budget, he has put it in writing.”