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Prieto: Fight for Atlantic City Compromise was Worth it for NJ

(TRENTON) — Following legislative approval of compromise Atlantic City economic recovery bills, Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto had the following published in the Newark Star-Ledger:

“The Atlantic City compromise bill was worth the time and effort. This bill, while not perfect, is much better than when we started. No one individual or one branch got everything they wanted. And while tempers sometimes flared, it was not because of personal animosity or political wrangling, but because of a strong desire by the Assembly that we had to do what was necessary and right for New Jersey.

“Twenty-three pages of amendments from the Assembly were added to the bill (S1711/A2569). All make the bill better. All work to protect New Jersey’s taxpayers. Some people have argued that these amendments were not worth the time and energy it took to complete. I disagree…”

To read the rest of the Speaker’s op-ed, click here.