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Prieto: Governor Should Dump Faulty Numbers & False Promises & Get on Board with Assembly Tax Relief Plan

Assembly Budget Committee Chair Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) on Tuesday issued the following statement on the latest state revenue figures which show collections for April are $230 million below what the Christie administration had projected:

“This is further confirmation that the Governor’s proposed budget for next year is based on shaky figures, at best.

“These latest numbers are not surprising given that the Office of Legislative Services had already warned us that revenue would be lower than projected. I can understand the Governor’s unwillingness to accept the projections of OLS, given that they’re predicting lower figures than his for next year as well. If he did accept them, it would upend a great deal of his proposed budget for next year and millionaires might not get another tax break.

“I urge him to forgo faulty numbers and false promises and get on board with the Assembly’s plan to provide meaningful and sustainable tax relief to middle-class families,” said Prieto.