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(32nd LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) – Assemblyman Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson) released the following statement Wednesday on Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to cancel plans to build a new commuter rail tunnel under the Hudson River:

“Thanks to Gov. Christie, we now have a $600 million hole-to-nowhere in my district. “That very expensive hole will now be a symbol of one of the worst decisions a governor has ever made. It’s incomprehensible.
“No time was better than now to get this project done. We had $6 billion in federal and Port Authority money. Real estate has seldom been more affordable. Costs are coming in lower than expected on projects throughout the region. This was the time to make a major investment in our future.
“Instead, 6,000 jobs will be immediately lost, our economic and transportation future is suddenly uncertain and even our homeland security is at risk.
“That’s disastrous, especially for the thousands of Hudson County residents who need improved access to New York and rely on mass transit for their economic wellbeing.
“The governor was given several alternatives to cut costs and get this project done, but properly managing it apparently was never his plan.
“This is a sad day for New Jersey and its future.”