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Prieto: Mythical ‘NJ Comeback’ Still Missing

Urges Governor to Support Middle-Class & Senior Property Tax Relief

(TRENTON) – Assembly Budget Chairman Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) released the following statement Wednesday after hearing testimony from the state treasurer on possible lower-than-expected revenue collections:

“We still need to see the total and complete revenue picture, but at this point Gov. Christie’s so-called ‘New Jersey Comeback’ is a myth rather than reality.
“With unemployment at 9 percent and property taxes higher than ever, Gov. Christie needs to put this ‘comeback’ silliness aside and confront the harsh reality of his fiscal policies and the burden they’ve placed on New Jersey’s middle-class and seniors.
“Helping our middle-class and seniors must be our priority, which is why everyone should support our plan for a 20 percent property tax relief credit for the middle-class and a 25 percent property tax relief credit for senior and disabled citizens.
“We know the governor’s failed policy of tax cuts for millionaires hasn’t improved our economy, so our plan is the right thing to do.”