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Prieto Praises Appellate Court’s Decision Once Again Backing Legislature’s Efforts to Bar Christie Administration from Implementing Job Banding

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) on Wednesday praised the Appellate Court’s latest decision denying the Civil Service Commission’s Motion for a Stay and once again backing the Legislature’s effort to overturn the Christie administration’s attempt to weaken civil service rules by allowing the practice of job banding.

The Legislature previously passed legislation invalidating the Civil Service Commission’s proposed rule establishing a job banding program. The Assembly was then one of the parties that went to court to fight the administration’s attempt to implement the rule.

“I’m glad the court has held firm in its decision and recognized that a system based on merit, rather than cronyism, is a win for hardworking public employees as well as taxpayers.

“Job banding has been part of a concerted effort across the country to empower those at the top and weaken long-standing labor protections. I’m pleased the court saw through this attempt and sided with the Legislature’s efforts to protect the working families of this state.

“This will help ensure that dedicated and deserving employees who work hard and do a good job are not passed over in favor of those who are politically connected,” said Prieto.