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Prieto Says New Jersey Should Review Hudson River Protections & Ensure Crude Oil Safety

(TRENTON) – Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Bergen, Hudson) issued the following statement Wednesday on the need for a review of crude oil safety protections for the Hudson River:

“Environmental issues have been placed on the back burner and virtually ignored under this administration. Protecting our water resources from various environmental threats must be at the forefront.

“We all understand that the Hudson River and surrounding communities are susceptible to flooding in general. However, as it is also a major route for oil companies, communities must also be wary of the hazards caused by crude oil carried on cargo ships and barges. We’ve seen several recent examples of the damage that can be caused by oil spills. Nobody wants to see that repeated along the Hudson River in Hudson and Bergen counties.

“Oil spills, fires and flooding are very real dangers and even more so when dealing with crude oil. Much like Gov. Cuomo recently did in New York, it’s time for the administration to take action to ensure the safety and protection of the Hudson River and the area. The administration should perform a comprehensive review to assess our preparedness to effectively address each of these dangers if any were to arise. Taking a proactive stance now is the best way to protect residents and communities in the future.”