Quijano Applauds State Investigation of Non-Compete Clauses in Fast Food Workers’ Contracts

(TRENTON) – Assembly Judiciary Chair Annette Quijano (D-Union) issued the following statement regarding the recent announcement by the state Attorney General of an investigation of non-compete clauses in contracts of fast food workers:

“I applaud the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office for taking a deeper look into non-compete clauses in fast food employee contracts.

“These clauses are more predominately seen on the corporate level as an effort to protect trade and intellectual property. Let’s face it. The ingredients to the proverbial “secret sauce” are no longer a secret for fast food businesses these days and fast food workers are not, in the least, the keepers of company secrets.

“Applying a non-compete clause to a contract for a minimum wage worker at a fast food chain is prohibitive for low-income families in New Jersey looking for an opportunity to make their way a little further up the economic ladder.

“These workers are mothers, fathers, and students who are working to provide for their families and their future. We have to make sure non-compete clauses are not being used against workers, stifling their ability to seek better opportunities and earn more for their families.”

Assemblywoman Quijano is sponsor of A-1769, which would limit provisions in and enforceability of restrictive covenants in employee contract.