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Quijano Applauds the Closing of State Maintained Lands to Bear Hunting This Season

(TRENTON) – Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (D-Union) issued the following statement regarding the recent action by the Governor to close state forests, parks, recreation areas, historic sites, wildlife management areas and natural areas to bear hunting for the 2018 season:

“I applaud the efforts of the Governor to limit bear hunting this season. Until we have a more humane management plan in place, we should not condone this activity, at the very least, on state-owned lands.

“The senseless hunting and killing of bears is an archaic and unnecessary method of taming the black bear population in the 21st century. A non-lethal control program and special waste receptacle requirements in communities close to bear habitats have been effective in other places, as well as in some of our towns. We can employ more humane practices while reducing the number of bear interactions in New Jersey and keep residents safe.”

Assemblywoman Quijano is prime sponsor of legislation known as “Pedals Law” (A-2455) which would prohibit bear hunting and establishes non-lethal control program for black bear for five years; prohibits actions that result in bear feeding; and requires use of bear-resistant containers, dumpsters, and food boxes in bear habitat.