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Quijano & Benson Bill to Authorize Use of Electric School Buses Clears Committee

Looking to reduce carbon emissions and spur replacement of traditional diesel-fueled school buses, a measure (A-1751) to authorize the use of electric school buses in New Jersey, with a maximum width of 102 inches, was advanced by the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Thursday.

Sponsors of the bill released the following statements:

Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (D-Union): “Widespread adoption of electric school buses will be imperative to protecting our children from harmful air pollution caused by continual carbon emissions. More electric school buses results in significantly lowered emissions which means cleaner, healthier air for everyone.”

Assemblyman Daniel Benson (D-Mercer, Middlesex): “Many people may not realize that school buses represent a large part of mass transit, running on harmful diesel fuel. Electrification of this fleet, under this legislation, presents an unparalleled opportunity for New Jersey to reduce emissions, improve public health and tackle climate change.”

If enacted, New Jersey would follow California, New York and Virginia in announcing an initiative to promote the use of electric school buses.

The bill now goes to the Speaker for further review.