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Quijano Calls on Washington to Pay for Trump’s Security

President Expected to Spend Weekend at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster

Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Chair Annette Quijano is calling for the federal government to reimburse local law enforcement agencies for security costs incurred during President Donald J. Trump’s visit to New Jersey this weekend. The president arrived in New Jersey Thursday evening for a weekend stay at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster.

“People who decided to buy homes and raise families in Bedminster didn’t sign up to have their tax dollars go toward the expense of providing security for President Trump. Expecting the local police department to pick up the tab when he comes to town is unreasonable,” said Quijano (D-Union). “New Jersey’s taxpayers should not have to assume the burden of paying for President Trump’s weekend getaways.”

Then President-elect Trump’s weekend visit to his Bedminster golf club in November required Bedminster police and the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office to assist in providing security. Combined, the entities spent more than 300 hours of overtime and $20,000 in overtime costs to protect Trump.

If Trump were to visit the golf club one weekend per month for the remainder of his four-year term, it would cost Bedminster more than $1 million in overtime costs, according to township officials.

“When President Obama was in office, local law enforcement agencies in Hawaii and Chicago received Department of Justice grants to cover the cost of protecting the president. That precedent should be maintained throughout the Trump presidency,” said Quijano. “Local and county law enforcement agencies have to be ready to respond to anything from minor crimes to natural disasters to acts of terrorism. Diverting their funds from these causes in order to protect the president jeopardizes the safety of local communities.”

Legislation Quijano introduced in March (AR-231) urges the federal government to reimburse the state, counties and municipalities for the cost of providing security for Trump.