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Quijano: Keeping Internet Service Providers on Fair Playing Field with Net Neutrality Puts NJ Residents First

Assemblywoman is Prime Sponsor of the New Jersey Net Neutrality Act (A-1767)

(TRENTON) – Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (D- Union) issued the following statement on Governor Murphy’s recent executive order on net neutrality:

“The FCC’s new rules on net neutrality will only open the door to chaos for residents who rely on unbiased internet access and affordability.

“I introduced the net neutrality legislation because I believe the internet should be a free, and an indiscriminate flow of information for the lot of us not just a privileged few. One small group of internet service providers should not be given the power to decide who gets the internet, or what, when, where or how they get it.

“To protect freedom and fairness for internet users, we needed to take a stand against Trump and the FCC and preserve net neutrality rules in our state. For those whose livelihoods depend on internet-based freelance jobs or for businesses that rely on using the web daily, allowing ISPs to choose favorites would have an adverse effect on residents’ earnings and household income.

“The actions of the Governor and the Attorney General have sent a clear message to Washington and I applaud them. New Jersey will stand with the other 21 states and fight to keep the internet free and open for everyone.”