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Quijano & Pinkin Bill to Regulate Sales of Marked County & Municipal Police Cars, Emergency Vehicles Clears Assembly

(TRENTON) – Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Annette Quijano and Nancy Pinkin to maintain the integrity of emergency vehicles while also protecting the freedom of collectors in New Jersey was approved, 76-0, by the full Assembly on Thursday.

The bill (A-856) would require the removal of certain equipment, such sirens and strobe lights, and markings, such as state, county or municipal seals, from a used emergency vehicle prior to its sale or transfer. While such equipment and markings must be removed from emergency vehicles owned by the state prior to sale or transfer, no similar measure governs vehicles owned by counties and municipalities.

“The law prohibits the sale of state-owned emergency vehicles that bear sirens and flashing lights out of common-sense recognition that this kind of equipment can be dangerous when in the wrong hands,” said Quijano (D-Union). “This legislation simply applies that same logic to emergency vehicles owned by county and municipal entities.”

The legislation includes an exemption for the sale or transfer of an emergency vehicle to: a state or municipal agency; any government entity engaged in law enforcement, fire services or emergency medical transportation; a volunteer fire company; a volunteer first aid, ambulance or rescue squad; a person who is an authorized dealer of emergency vehicles; or a non-governmental emergency service provider.

“This bill will ensure that those who take an interest in fire apparatus and emergency vehicles can enjoy their hobby while also giving government entities the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an unauthorized party can’t use equipment bearing the town or county’s name in an irresponsible manner,” said Pinkin (D-Middlesex).

The measure was advanced by the Assembly Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Committee, of which Quijano is chair on March 3.